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4 Ways of Developing Software: not a hard choice

When  looking for an IT partner everyone faces tons of advices of how to do it best. However, there are few articles telling about how you should not do it. In this article, ValueAdd will show you how different software development partners compare, revealing the risks you may come across deciding in their favour.

Asian developers

Entrusting your IT project to developers from India, Pakistan, China and other Asian countries, you should be ready that there might occur a communication problem related to culture polarity, long distance and time zone difference. Just imagine sending a bug issue to your overseas crew, which they will only read and answer tomorrow. While it may also take you some time to go through the emails, the issue may some additional 2-3 days to resolve. It may also happen that the quality standards are poor and you’ll have to rewrite the code, which means waste of time and money.


What to do: It is more secure to look for IT partners in your time zone if you expect immediate reaction and easier communication.


It may seem that next best option is to use freelance force for your IT projects. Well, there are some underwater stones here too. First of all, those guys are majorly one-person companies, meaning you can’t speed up development process with another skilled professional. Secondly, the quality problem is further weighed down as there is no team dedicated to quality assurance. Finally, there is a probability that a freelancer will just disappear with no notice.


What to do: Preferring a full company to freelancers gives you quality, customer loyalty and wide variety of competences.


Local suppliers


Many would agree that local suppliers are high quality reliable partners. However, it is important to think twice and perform some simple calculations before signing a pricey contract with local firms. It may be up to 3 times cheaper to cooperate with an outsourcing company from, say, Poland. So are you 100% sure you’ll not go over the budget? If you do, will you keep working with the same supplier or risk to change horses in the midstream?


What to do: Opt for cheaper providers, like those from Poland, to get comparable quality of IT services and save up to 40% on your operational costs.


In-house team


So you’ve decided to hire an in-house team. Keep in mind the costs associated with recruitment process, equipment, and the very employee-related expenses. It may also happen that you only need a temporary IT team without wanting to establish long time commitments. Bear in mind that you can also hire a whole dedicated team in the outsourcing company, that will only work for your project as long as you need it to.


What to do: Look at the possibility of hiring a dedicated team in the outsourcing company. You will save money on settling the in-house team and free yourself from unnecessary commitments this way.


Summing up: hiring an outsourcing in Poland may be a great option that opens many development opportunities without the heavy weight of the risks mentioned above.

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