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Do not waste the rest of holidays

Summer season is almost always associated with rewind, relax and other similar activities connected to holidays. And that is fine. Even better than fine if you will take advantage of this perspective and decide to do something more than your competitors do.

Firstly it is worth to know what they do not do. Depending on the industry you are operating in, you can find at least 3 activities that are neglected by them during the holiday season. Whatever it would be, you will find some ideas, which are valid for practically every trade.

Reconsider strategy

Either overall company strategy, or specific department strategy (e.g. marketing) needs reconsidering, improving or just thinking over. During the summer people tend to be more creative and open for any changes. With the holiday aura and good mood, it is easier to notice what needs improvements or critical change. You can either update social media, the website or just plan marketing or any other activities for the next year while company goes a bit slower. The assumption is simple:  Get organized and ahead of the game for the rest of the year!

Follow up with clients

Following up with clients and pending projects is the perfect thing to do when you are not that overwhelmed by the workload. Believe me, it is worth to reach out to your clients about quotes you had discussed previously, or just get in touch with your top clients not only makes them feel like they are a priority, but it can also dredge up some business as well. During the year we do not have the time to think about it, however this underestimated actions will earn you the gratitude and respect of your network, and help cement your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy connection.

Make new contacts

Apart from contacting your old clients you should not forget to win new ones. That are new contacts, which help you expand your business. Probably you do it all year long, nevertheless thinking about new way (and using it even for a trial) is a perfect idea when it comes to summer season. It is connected to another thing you could do: gaining possible projects for after vacation time, as new projects are always wanted!

Collect energy and resources for later

Resources are quite a broad issue. Either tangible, intangible or human, all of them are worth improvements or just collection. The most probable to be success is the proper organization of human resources department. Just think about it, most of companies simply do not do the recruitment process during the summer season as it seems to be unimportant. You can look for the employees and sacrifice more time to find out that a given person is perfect for your company.

Make minor reforms and improvements

You can do that either by testing new tools or introducing new procedures. Summertime won’t be that disorganized by such changes as the rest of the year would. You can test new programs or schedules and check out if it works or even think about new, eye-catching website or redesign your office to change the ‘aura’. If such activities will bring good results, why not to use them at all?

Compare the results from various months

To be clear: make reports. It may seem senseless, because if you run your firm you know what is going on in there during various. False. You only think that you know and may know too little to draw any conclusions. Sometimes even one glance at the report gives you broader image of the causes of changes in various months when you take broader perspective.

Have group meetings and discussions

After the busy season has finally come to an end, this allows you and your team time to meet and talk about what went well and what could be improved for next year. Not only will it make your employees feel important, it will allow all of you to spend more time together and to closer the ties.

While it may be tempting to succumb to a long summer siesta, summer time doesn’t have to mean losing your business-development momentum. The above mentioned strategies are worth trying, because independent from the business, every company can translate it for its own departments. No matter how, you should do it to step before your competitors and better organize for the rest of the year. When you do not improve, you step back and few months of relax are just not worthy double-pace after that.

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