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Do you think that you and your company is proactive?

Watch a Video and check if your company is proactive



Try to picture this:  You are sitting in your office and decide to ask one of your employees about the progress of the project. And suddenly you discover, that they are dealing with some serious problems, there is no improvement, moreover, no one was even trying to change it or let you know about it. Sounds familiar? If yes, your company might be suffering from lack of proactivity. 
So if you are willing to stop having this feeling of cold sweat on your back every time you approach your co-worker and ask “Hey, how is your project going?” and don’t want end up dealing with this kind of work environment.


What it is all about?

You can compare it to the weather - reactive people get easily affected by it. When the proactive ones carry their own weather with them. 
To specify it, proactivity means to have the ability to take responsibility for your actions. With this approach you are observing the environment and eliminate problems before they have a chance to appear. Another difference between proactive and reactive person is perspective. Proactive people, through keeping an eye on every action around them can see the big picture and  easily adapt to the occurring changes. In other words, it means they are able to anticipate what future will be and react accordingly, in the right time. 

What are PROs of PROactive company?

You are prepared for unexpected - by considering different scenarios, proactive person can easily predict what’s ahead and minimize the potential risk. Sounds like a good way to save time, money and nerves.

  • Self-improvement - another advantage of thinking about future is discovering things that can be improved in your company before they will turn into a problem.   
  • Change and creativity - with staff of proactive co-workers - motivated and engaged in their tasks, you won’t suffer from lack of great ideas. 
  • Clearly defined goals - you and your employees know exactly the target and stick to one, defined path
  • Less stress - with everything under control there is no reason to be worried. You are aware of the position of your company and always have a back-up plan. 


How to implement it?

Maybe not every of your employees will change in proactivity hero overnight, but surely every has a potential to be the man, that makes things happen and present more or less proactive behavior. For a start try to follow these simple steps:  

  • Be supportive - team members should feel comfortable in their workspace. Try to  create positive environment based on trust and honesty in which your employees can spread their ideas and share observations. A little brainstorming from time to time can be very stimulating.
  • Do not give all the answers - probably one of the most important one. Ask people how they would do it. Coach them. If you will give a direct answers your employees will always come to you to get it.
  • Communicate - where to look for the best insights about different divisions of your company? Directly, through simple communication with people taking care of it on a daily basis. So take your time, sit and talk to your employees. Remain concerned about what they do and how they think, that organization can be made better.
  • Set the main goals - they say, that the goal properly set is halfway reached. Make sure your employees know what they are fighting for. It will boost their initiative and inspire to go further. 
  • Focus on being organised - you can’t have proactive company without good organisation. It is the fundamental matter for every business, helping you to keep everything under control. Keep it on mind, when hiring people - go for those who can maintain an organized workplace. 


Proactive approach requires from people changing the way they think and react, it  involves them to be more aware of what is happening  around. That’s why it can take some time before you will create army of proactive employees. But once people get it, you will notice improved performance, less emergencies and in general better company results. 
And the next time you will ask someone about their progress, you can stay relaxed and be sure not to hear anything like “unexpected problems”, “don’t know what to do” or “it’s not my fault”. 

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