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iOS 11 - new features in a nutshell

The day has finally come. On June 5, 2017 the giant from Cupertino has presented the insight into the newest iOS update, which will be available for Apple devices this fall! We’re sure you’re curious about the new adjustments. How our lives will change? Here in ValueAdd we tried out the beta version of iOS 11 and we will share with you our remarks on it.

Why we love the Control Center

Four magical words: cellular data switch button. We were waiting for it since our very first experience with an iPhone. The Control Center makes it possible to customize everything there. You can choose the functions you want to be easy to reach. You set the position of shortcuts it however you like. That’s what we approve. Well done, Apple.


Our friendship with Siri has grown into enormous scale

iOS 11 allows you to text with Siri. It’s useful when you can’t talk to your phone. Moreover, now you don’t have to pretend that you’re texting with someone coming across a friend you didn’t want to meet, because Siri is there. Siri’s voice and intonation also has been developed, which sounds more naturally than before. It became more personalized, uses on-device learning to offer recommendations based on individual usage of apps like Safari, Mail, Messages etc.

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More appealing details

Some little things which make using your device more friendly for you:

  • the App Store makeover - finally games are separated from apps. It is much easier to find what really interests you.

  • A new attribute has been added to camera app - qr code scanning. Now you don’t need any additional app to check out qr codes.

  • Have you ever been lost in the big airport? It won’t be a problem for you anymore. Your phone will help you out. Apple is working on extending their maps - new indoor maps of select malls and airports around the world are to appear in the app.

And something for mobile developers - Core ML (Machine Learning)

Creating smart apps with machine learning have never been easier (at least Apple says so, we have not checked it yet) The new framework lets developers do all the processing locally, which minimizes memory footprint and power consumption. It’s built on top of technologies like Metal and Accelerate. What does it mean for a basic iOS user? You can take advantage of integration of machine learning models in apps with intelligent new features.

Last but not least, ARKit

It’s definitely a remarkable potential for games and apps connected with interior design. ARKit has already become a game-changer. But how does it work? ARKit uses Visual Inertial Odometry to track the environment around it. VIO combines camera sensor data with CoreMotion data. Its’ fusion precisely allows the device to sense how it moves within an interior.  ARKit can detect and track horizontal planes and use the camera sensor to estimate the amount of light in a scene in order to apply the suitable lightning to virtual objects. Impressive, huh?



Taking everything into consideration, Apple’s new software is taking us to a whole new level. The operating system update simplifies our user experience and makes it more comfortable. The big step is development of augmented reality technology and machine learning systems. Welcome to the future!

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