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4 Biggest Outsourcing Feedback Mistakes

Too late feedback

It happens that although the client provides feedback for the outsourced work in progress, it is provided way too late. When process feedback about the core changes in the project shows up too late, it may already be hard enough to implement those changes. Further worse, rapid change of project related requirements leads to higher cost of the project and obviously more time for its completion.


Solution: help your outsourcing partner do his job well and give him timely feedbacks.

Not clear enough feedback – not clear task/ task definition change

This mistake is very related to the previous one. Not clear enough feedback and requirements about the details of the project may lead to rather lamentable situation. It important for the client to understand his role in the outsourcing and process feedback as such.

Solution: be clear of what you don’t like and what you want to be changed. Being straightforward is the key to mutual understanding.

Feedback not often enough

Not every company understands that the success of the project directly depends on the frequency of the feedback to the outsourcing partner. Being involved into every stage of the project progress and keeping constantly updated about it ensures the client about two important moments:

  • keeping an eye on the quality of the outsourced tasks

  • ability to quickly update your requirement on every stage of the project

Solution: make sure you bear in mind both points above save yourself from financial losses.

Only negative feedback provided

Proving positive feedback alongside with the negative one is equally important. The outsourcing company also needs to know what they did right and focusing only on mistakes and flaws may end up with rather lame communication between firms. Encouraging the outsourcing company with positive feedback will improve mutual relationship, such attitude provides solid base for further cooperation.


Solution: pay attention to things you like in order to give some good motivation for the outsourcing company to keep on providing you with a high-quality service and avoid underperformance.

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