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Polish vs Asian remote IT house

Looking for the excellent IT support in your company, but your budget is limited and your local resources are too expensive? Recently Polish IT houses became even more popular among European companies. Many businesses in Europe had bad experiences with Asian developers and Poland becomes safe haven for them. Culturally close, with competitive quality and price, Polish developers earned close attention from European business.



Asian teams

The highest quality goes along with attractively low prices? Not in Asian companies.  They are oriented on the amount of commissions, not on their value. Some of the disappointment also comes from the cultural differences and misunderstanding of the standards of a project. Not keeping deadlines and not having previous experience working with European partners are only a few to mention.

Polish teams

Polish IT teams show top performance when it comes to quality of IT solutions. Starting a project from scratch or picking up on the tasks and helping with deadlines - Polish developers keep up with European standards. Moreover, Polish IT professionals present competition also in global scale. Polish developers win international competitions like the Hello Open Works competition - programmers bet 2500 teams from 90 countries including teams from Facebook and Google. Promising fact, right?

Additionally, Polish nation is within the European culture. In short, this means no misunderstandings and even easier cooperation on projects. This factor often becomes key to long term partnership.

Project management is another aspect in which Polish developers get the upper hand comparing to their Asian counterparts. Projects are managed by certified managers using modern remote work applications like JIRA, Trello, BaseCamp and other. With the rich experience working with Western European companies Polish developers have a lot of good practice cases making them a trustworthy partner. 


Asian teams

It may take you few days to get the bug fixed due to communication difficulties if you work with Asian teams. Why? Because of time zones. Also meeting your developers in person may cost you a challenging 6-8 hour flight (also tickets are much more expensive than to Poland) Other communication problems include bad knowledge of English and cultural-based misunderstandings. So Skype and Hangouts contact may also be tricky.

Polish teams

Do you want to be understood and you want to understand your remotely based team? Choose Poland. As it becomes chosen more and more often as a remote IT development location, majority of IT companies place knowledge of English among their top priorities while recruiting programmers. Additionally, Poland is just within 1-2 hours flight from nearly any location in Europe. You can come visit your team and discover beautiful city of Warsaw or your remote team can visit your city for regular workshops.

Have you ever wondered what the capital of Poland looks like? Find out:



Project management

Asian teams

If you’re working with Asian freelancers you know that pain. You are probably the one that does all the planning/ scheduling and managing work. It also happens to be the case for the Asian companies. 76% of companies choose their IT partner basing only on the low price (predominantly those from Asia) report that development costs ended up higher than expected due to project management. Moreover, there might occur a problem with using different applications or the same tasks. But the real problem appears with the deadlines standards. Time perception and deadline definition does not always coincide between European and Asian developers.

Polish teams

Experienced IT companies in Poland provide their clients with the full package services that include professional project management. Keeping deadlines and delivering on time is one of the perks working with Polish IT providers. Legal standards assure that you get the source code and the copyright of the product. Same applications for project management and remote teamwork are just a few tools that contribute to successful project completion. It is also common that European clients chose to stick to their Polish IT providers for longer cooperation.

To summarize, it is clear that European companies are more likely to have a good remote IT development experience when working with Polish professionals. It is always better to think twice before buying into the trap of cheap Asian pricing and opt for the better quality, communication and project management options.

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