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Secrets of Building Working Long Term Relationship With Your IT Partner

Choose thoughtfully

Long term cooperation means working as a team and being satisfied with you IT partner. If you’re looking for a long-term IT team, you should devote time and effort to finding the best option. Not always best IT company means highest service price. More about you can find in our recent article on IT outsourcing destinations choice. Long story short, there are plenty of companies with high quality IT services for moderate price. General tendency for Western European companies today is cooperating with firms from Poland as you benefit from same time zone as well as cultural and standard similarities.

Widening the scope

Often clients predetermine narrow cooperation scope and keep it till the end of project. While focus on the main tasks is essential for project success, it also prevents from increasing the scale of services as well as the benefits one may derive from remote IT partner. More open minded approach would be a proper solution here. This means that a team which once developed you a web system might be the best candidate for developing a mobile application for the systems as well as a dedicated landing page for the same product. The secret of widening the scope of both your IT ambitions and success horizons lies in rethinking your attitude to scale of remote IT cooperation.

Support and maintenance

That’s not even a secret that every IT product out there needs quality assurance and support services. Long term cooperation means you get bugs fixed and applications updated. It also means quality of each IT solution is checked before you get the product. This in turn is important to save your time and effort, and provides you with better quality end-products. Invest in long term cooperation and save on quality assurance and maintenance - secret of long term cooperation is by large also a secret of quality, support and maintenance saving.

Don’t overlook the problems

Long term relationship is built on trust. This postulate also works when it comes to IT partnership. Whenever a problem occurs it is important to solve as soon as possible. It may take few minutes to solve the issue now while silencing it may cause significant delays in the project. It is reported that efficient feedback reduces the risk of project failure by up to 30% and as Forbes rightly notes, there is no such thing as over communication . Therefore, regular and honest dialogue is immensely important for successful and long term cooperation.

Process improvement

As you work with an IT team you may like their project management, or you have collectively come up with such a technique. As cooperation goes, the process of interaction and problem solving improves. 74% of companies claim that long-term cooperation contributes to successful project completion. Changing to a new provider, on the other hand, may be connected with additional settling stress. Therefore, when satisfied with the first stages of cooperation, think and plan long-term relationship with you IT provider. You may want to hire a dedicated team within you IT partner crew, otherwise you may stick to project-to-project work. In any case, long term relationship provides you with the ‘always-there’ IT team, which knows your brand, you needs and project management preferences.

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