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4 Biggest Outsourcing Feedback Mistakes

Here you can find out about the importance of feedbacks in IT outsourcing. ValueAdd has used all its experience to prepare this list of most common mistakes in feedbacks. Read about simple steps that will boost your IT outsourcing efficiency and save

How to Make the Best Use of Outsourcing

While outsourcing today is a commonly used practice, it is not always clear how to obtain high quality service using outsourcing. Here you’ll find top 5 advises about efficient outsourcing.

Polish vs Asian remote IT house

Recently Polish IT houses become even more popular among European companies. Many businesses in Europe had bad experiences with Asian developers and Poland becomes safe haven for them. Culturally close, with competitive quality and price, Polish developers earned close attention from European business.

Secrets of Building Working Long Term Relationship With Your IT Partner

Long term cooperation means working as a team and being satisfied with you IT partner. If you’re looking for a long-term IT team, you should devote time and effort to finding the best option. In any case, long term relationship provides you with the ‘always-there’ IT team, which knows your brand, you needs and project management preferences.

Where should we send price of that project?