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If you already know about Slack and you have it in your company then it is fine. You can enjoy it and get benefits of it. In that case you can the article because you know what a revolution it gives to the company’s communication. If you have not used Slack so far then the article is must read. 
Have you ever wondered about improving your office communication? For sure you have. Slack will make it happen in an easy and fast way. Today almost all media and tech companies, e.g.: Salesforce, EA, Spotify, Stripe, and Yelp, are using it and they are dragging another one with them. There must be a serious reason behind it right? 

Junk-free channels

Channels let you separate from unwanted informations by costuming channels which you’re in, split it for projects, theme ones, like those about quality, mobile development, design or lunch. If we already talking about eating… There’s nice solutions for getting menu of nearby restaurants by just putting necessary command. Ordering food will be never the same. You can also make private or public channels and manipulating notification by turning off pop-up, muting them or changing for cheering sounds those with your favorite workers. 

Life-saving integrations 

You can use existing ones, like: Google Drive, Bitbucket, Dropbox, Marker, Statsbot, Trello, or get creative by writing one from scratch. We’re using one letting us, and later our clients, know about app being accepted in App Store. How we’ve managed to create that, we’ll write in the next article.

Hand-liberating UX and shortcuts

You can use insanely big number of shortcuts, on which you can train your memory, but there are also some which will turn your life around. You can jump between conversations pressing alt + arrows, open unread messages with crtl + shift + A, edit previous message with ↑. To keep paragraph short here you can find much more:

Quick software development support

You can integrate Slack with repository, so anytime somebody makes a push there, a message will come to a specific channel and team can happily and immediately start working on it. 

You can connect it with JIRA. You’ll get information anytime somebody reports ‘ticket’ or if somebody makes task from project you’ve created. With Google Drive you can pin necessary link to folder with files containing specifications, accesses etc. There’s also Crashlytics, which reports summary about crashes in any created by us apps available in App Store or Google Play. If you have to hold up with opening a champagne, Slack will let you know.

Simplified work

Slack helps consulting ideas with your team. You can use tools which will let you control progress of tasks and projects. You can use e.g. Trello, project management service, To-do bot, task manager. In Trello anytime somebody makes a progress or unfortunately just edit, you’ll be informed. To-do bot lets you create new assignment during conversations and instantly collects them. If you impose deadline with setting priority, you’ll have to face it’s turning to your most hated coach constantly asking: ‘have you finished yet?’. 

If you’re still worried about wasting time for creating new accounts, relax and make yourself 
a coffee, because Slack can import data from other communication tools, e.g. HipChat, Flowdock, Campfire etc. Mastering working with Slack won’t take you long either, we fell in love with it after a week and forgot about different tools for communication. And remember as Richard Branson: 'Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess'.

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