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Why flexible resources are good for your company

You stick to your in-house resources only and believe that it’s the only reasonable solution in developing your business? Glance through this article and find out why it is not.



When you should consider using flexible resources:

  • Upcoming deadlines. Tons of unfinished work. You’re desperately in need of another pair of hands - help yourself!

  • You want to implement new technologies in your company, but your employees don’t have enough skills. Or maybe you need more developers for a particular project, yet you want to reduce the costs and don’t want to hire people for the durance of one project (Yes, you’re right. It is unprofitable)

  • A good idea is to use external resources when you’re thinking about extending your services.

What you achieve:

  • Time is money and you save both. You don’t waste hours of your in-house team on things that require competences which are out of capabilities of your team. Costs are reduced as a result of not distracting your main team on side projects.

  • External resources are adjustable. You need one angular specialist - you get one. Then you need another two - you get them. You choose what you need and we help you out.

  • Flexibility in development speed  

  • As a result of that you don’t have to hire new own employees, you avoid the recruitment process, which is time consuming.

  • Last but not least - independent company ideas and different points of view. Sometimes it is essential not to rely on internal beliefs only but compare them to other ideas to get a most satisfying solution.


How it worked out in ValueAdd


Goal was to extend local team and help in rebuilding existing platform into new technology and new layout

ValueAdd gave people which work together in one team with INOSA’s specialists.


  • Depending on the project phase ValueAdd provided the right skills to keep the development in the right speed.
  • A proactive approach and efficient communication with the team including personal meetings, Slack communication and Skype
  • Advice on backend and frontend web development


The result was:

  • Speeding up development process

  • Sharing knowledge to the Client’s team

  • Introduce new technologies and improving development process on Client’s side


Goal was to extend local team and speed up development of mobile solutions to meet the road map goals


  • ValueAdd shared part of local team with Stepstone  

  • Team was working together in Stepstone’s office as a completion of local team

The result was:

  • Road map for the product development was realized

  • Stepstone got help from ValueAdd’s team in the development of next milestones as well

Frequent concerns

Are you afraid of low quality? You shouldn’t be. There are many factors that narrow the risk of it. You have a trial period for a cooperation with chosen specialists. If you decide that it doesn’t work for you can change them. You may do code reviews and you receive the source code. What is more, Polish developers are one of the best programmers in the world - they almost always get one of top 3 places in international competitions. Poles make around 10% ICT specialists of all uni graduates in EU. Our team consists of educated and graduated people. That’s a guarantee for the highest standards.

There are still some cultural differences, but the boundaries are blurring away.

You believe that it’s hard to start a project. Trust us, it's easier than you think.

Any know-how issuesCode reviews and a proper documentation make it possible not to be concerned about future problems with developing the product or system without the external help.

Poland is ranked 10th in the EF English Proficiency Index, so you don’t have to worry about communication. During cooperation there are organized skype meetings and dedicated slack channels are created so you and your outsourced team can be in constant contact.

Sometimes the policy of your company or your project is not to outsource. But maybe it’s time to change it?

And a bit of advice

If you want to improve the condition of your company and you have limited funds, you should think over choosing flexible resources. They reduce the costs and at the same time they add some new value to your business and projects. It’s worth to combine external resources with your development strategy. Although remember to keep all the core knowledge inside your company. It’s essential to insure yourself in that way, in case your cooperation with particular partner wasn’t satisfying. Nevertheless, when you choose wisely your partner, you won’t be disappointed.

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