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Poland - 10 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know

We all face the fear of unknown. Today we will show you the 10 awesome fact about Poland. Get to know us. Get to love us! 

  1. According to Capital Finance International, Poland is among the top destinations for IT outsourcing in Western Europe while Polish IT companies get projects from all over the globe
  2. Danish export to Poland in 2011 equalled half of all the export to all BRICS countries!
  3. The top 5 video games in Europe come from Poland.
  4. According to KPMG, an audit and consultancy firm, Poland ranks third for shared services centers and business process outsourcing in the world after India and China in 2014
  5. Poland has over 10000 ICT professionals working in world leading ICT companies
  6. By 2012, mobile telephone services in the various sectors of the Polish telecommunication market, will have achieved 135% market penetration.
  7. Poland shares its borders with no less than seven countries! These are Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Germany. This also means that ValueAdd benefits from geographical proximity and talent pool of these countries.
  8. Ideal geographical location: a 550 mln people market just within 2000 km reach radius from anywhere in Europe. You can get to Warsaw in around an hour from anywhere in Western Europe.
  9. Due to fast growing economy, Poland became the only country in Europe to survive the 2008 economic downturn and its aftermath without experiencing a single year of decline in its gross domestic product.
  10. Poland is the most effective state in using EU funds for IT project development.

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