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Increase Your Company’s Efficiency with Teamwork Applications

Today, living in the era of globalization, it is often more beneficial to cooperate with companies from other countries, sometimes on the other side of the world. This, however, does not pose a problem to nowadays business cooperation. ValueAdd takes advantage of multiple useful applications during cooperation from its clients oversees, best of them will be introduced to you in this article.


Invision is a free prototyping, collaboration and a workflow platform. Available for web, iOS and Android, this application allows cooperative editing, creating and communicating ideas. You can send a link to open designs in a browser or use real-time presentations. For your convenience, the application provides access to the whole history of the changes performed, it also turns feedback into a to-do list with the option of marking your tasks as finished or in progress in order to keep all the members of the projects updated about all new specifications. An indeed easy and user friendly application for simplification of feedback, design and cooperation.
More on this: http://www.invisionapp.com/


Sharex application is an advanced screenshot tool and screen recorder. Moreover, you can make screenshots of many different shapes and share them simultaneously. Upload your screenshots, print them, share online and save to your computer - Sharex gives your imagination full spin and at the same time optimizes your cooperation with partners. Sharex supports a large number of image, text and file uploaders, so you don’t have to worry about additional specifications of your device in order to use Sharex.
More on this: http://getsharex.com/

Google Drive

Google Drive is another epic application used a lot here in ValueAdd. It simplifies cooperation between people and is especially useful for business cooperation including outsourcing. With Google Drive you can share any file and access any file from any device with internet connection having 15GB storage for free. Its interface is rather intuitive making it easy to start using the application straight away.
More on this: http://www.google.com/intl/en/drive/


This application exists to enable remote access to computer. Teamviewer is also useful in case of need of spontaneous help, which also relates perfectly to the outsourcing and remote projects cooperation. Another important advantage you get when using teamviewer is organising online meetings, presentations and training sessions. Getting the most of the application will also help to solve the problem of teamwork on documents.
More on this: http://www.teamviewer.com/


Prefer a different teamwork app? Contact us and get a project running using your favourite application!

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