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How to Make the Best Use of Outsourcing

1. Hire firms with enough experience

Some tasks are better done when outsourced. But it is important to delegate your tasks to someone competent and experienced. So first rule of outsourcing is: know who you work with! Read Read feedbacks and reviews on the firm and look through its portfolio. Very important and helpful is talking with people who cooperate with that company at the moment. They are good and reliable source to check the feeling and fact about cooperation.

2. Establish rules and reporting

It is equally important is to agree on the rules and reporting frames. Your partner needs your guidance through the project in order to comply with your expectations.

  • First things first: regular review and feedback.
  • Secondly, always emphasize both positive and negative points, keep your partner updated about new requirements and details to add to the project.
  • Finally, take care of testing of the completed work checking whether it fits your companies up-todate needs.


3. Don’t hire based on low cost only

It is true that hiring an outsourcing company can help you save money and time, it is, however, a big mistake to base the choice of the firm to cooperate with exclusively on low cost bargain. Low cost is largely prominent for low quality, unfinished and unpolished work as well as simply scam. Those companies often originate from far east and promise quick and low price IT solutions. On the contrary, choosing proved a more expensive providers you get high quality IT solutions, full control over the project, skillful project management as well as quality assurance on every stage of the project.

4. Outsource the right functions

If your business is weak in some area, it may also be a good idea to outsource this function for a number of reasons.

  • Outsource the functions that you are bad at to someone who is good at them. This common sense logic will allow you get more with less effort.
  • Thinking “long-term growth”? Then also think “long term partners”! You can outsource non-core projects and focus on you highest priority tasks. With this additional time you can pay more attention to your growth goals.


5. Setting clear time frames for finishing the project

Usually you have more than one project running at a time. Using services of an outsourcing partner you should keep an eye on the time of the project completion. Here in ValueAdd we value our client’s time and always keep deadlines. Excellent communication and high quality assure that we add value to our customers’ business.

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