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4 Ways of Developing Software: not a hard choice

When looking for an IT partner everyone faces tons of advices of how to do it best. However, there are few articles telling about how you should not do it. In this article, ValueAdd will show you how different IT partners compare, revealing the risks you may come across deciding in their favour.

Get the Best Out of Your Website With These Simple Tricks

Almost every company has a website today. But we all know how UNHELPFUL these websites sometimes are: informationally overloaded, bug-full and not responsive. Here are some simple tricks to bear in mind when planning your own website.

Sorry, Your Website Is Not Responsive…

No one will tell you that directly. But if your website is indeed not responsive, many will just abandon it and forget about it forever. If you want to retain your customers and attract new ones, it is always better to put enough effort into a responsive website.

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